*Our farm is not open to the public.  This is to protect our animals from unwanted diseases, parasites, and stress.  Also insurance will not cover us if we open our farm to the public due to the unpredictable nature of animals.  Of course we allow customers to come to our farm to pick up their animals but even then do not plan on a tour.  Please respect our privacy because our farm is not a store front business but rather our family's home.

*Unless bought as straight run chicks we guarantee all chickens to be sexed accurately.  If a chicken is incorrectly sexed you can return if not interested in keeping them.  We will exchange for your choice of an equally priced chicken or issue a refund if we don't have any chickens you are interested in.

*Deposits are nonrefundable and will be applied to purchase price.  Generally we take deposits when we have animals for sale that are not ready to leave the farm.  With chickens this is usually at 5 weeks old, and for the goats and pigs at 8 weeks old.  Please try to set up a pick up time as close to when they are ready as possible.  If animals are not picked up within a month of when they are ready to go we will have  to charge a boarding fee of $5/chicken and $20/goat and chicken.  If no attempt is made to pickup your animals within 2 months they will be put back up for sale and your deposit will be forfeited.  

*We guarantee all animals we sell to be in solid health as far as we aware.  If you believe this not to be the case, you must inform us before taking the animal home.  Once an animal leaves our farm we can no longer guarantee their health because we have no control of what they come in contact with or how they are cared for.

*Hatching eggs; Eggs are guaranteed to be fresh with no visible damage.  Fertility can not be guaranteed but we will only sell hatching eggs during periods of high fertility.  We use multiple roosters to cover our hens and hatch out eggs every 3 weeks to monitor fertility and health and vigor of chicks.  If eggs are shipped we do every thing we can to pack them in a way to protect the egg and embryo.  We cannot guarantee the care they receive during shipment but we will always include extra eggs to make up  for any mistakes.

*We guarantee live arrival on all animals shipped as long as you do you part and are there to pick them up upon arrival.  Shipping is very stressful and wearing on animals and they need to be placed back in their ideal environment asap.  If there are any issues with shipping we need to be notified immediately.


Sovereign Farmstead