Pigs raised right!!!


At Sovereign Farmstead we raise our pigs the way they were meant to live, grazing their days away on the rolling hills of Iowa.  Animal welfare is always a top priority so we don't use any confinements or gestation crates like most pork producers.  We also keep our pigs intact and save them the suffering of castration, docked tails, and clipped teeth.  We raise our pigs using a rotational grazing system to make sure we are continually improving the enviroment instead of sacrificing it. 


Not your typical pigs...


It doesn't take a pig expert to look at our pigs and tell they're not the normal Iowa pig.  We raise 2 grazing heritage breeds, Kunekune and American Guinea Hogs.  Both breeds can feed primarily on pasture with local produce supplementing their diet.  Due to this they don't grow nearly as fast as typical market hogs who follow the principals of bigger, cheaper, & faster.  Instead they grow slow and steady producing an excellent marbling of fat throughout the meat unlike any pork you will find in a grocery store.  Due to the rarity and demand for both breeds and hybrids we breed we will designate some to be sold as breeders.  The perfect pigs for the small homestead or even backyard, producing your own pork is more realistic and feasible than most would think.

Sovereign Farmstead