Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Nigerian Dwarf Goats are a miniature dairy breed whose origins trace back to West Africa.  They are the most colorful goat breed coming in all sorts of different colors, patterns, and sometimes even with moon spots on top of their pattern.  They can also have the typical brown colored eyes or beautiful blue eyes.  Their small size makes them very affordable to feed and house and their friendly personalities and playful antics make them a joy to have on the farm.  Due to these traits they make terrific farm pets.  They are gentle enough to be trusted around children and are always one of the favorites at petting zoos.  Despite their small size, Nigerian Dwarf goats can produce a shocking amount of milk or they can be kept as pets.   

Top does can produce 6 quarts a milk per day, and a gallon a day is common.  Worldwide, goat milk is the most highly consumed form of milk and, amidst the varying dairy goat types; Nigerian Dwarf goat milk is increasingly popular.  It has the highest butterfat content of any goat milk (6-10%) making it very sweet and rich.  

Another unique aspect of Nigerian Dwarf goats is that they will breed year round making refreshing more flexible and convenient.  They are very productive and can have up to 6 kids at a time.

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