Fibro Easter Eggers

Fibro Easter Eggers are a rare new designer breed that have a ton of potential and are very fun to work with. All of them have varying degrees of fibromelanism, which means every fiber of their body is melanistic (black); bones, muscle, organs, and skin. Their blood is not truly black as some say but it is much darker than normal blood.  They are a very unique addition to any collection. They come from Ayam Cemani bloodlines but have been bred to be bigger, better layers, more cold hardy, grow faster, and be more friendly. Also just like normal Easter eggers they lay colorful eggs which is always a fun bonus especially for those with kids around.  Their feathers can be irridescent black or a variety of darkened shades.  Some prefer the former and some the latter but all are amazing and have to be seen in person to fully appreciate.  Like standard easter eggers they can display a variety of combs though we are breeding towards only cold hardy combs.  The comb is always the first thing that gets peoples attention as it can vary from black to mulberry, a drastic difference than the typical rooster red comb.  Fibromelanistic chickens are viewed as magical in the Asian countries where the gene originated from.  The black meat is said to give you powers and the black bones are used for both religious rituals 


We have a few beautiful (B grade) fibro roosters for sale for $20/each.

First is our 2 year old rooster that started this project (he has produced many (A grade) offspring and has been replaced by a few of them.  

We also have 3 his sons from last year that we held back.  All are very cool but I can only keep so many roosters.  All are big enough to breed or butcher for mystical black meat chicken.
26 fibro chicks that hatched March 25th. $20/each for grade A quality and $10/each for grade B quality, straight run.  Will be sold sexed as soon as they are old enough to tell.

*Nationwide shipping now available*

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