Tonganui x Jenny
D.O.B. 08/26/2013
Wolverine is our brown and white double wattled boar.  He is our first and oldest boar.  He is very tall and long giving him a large frame.  He was an active and early breeder for us who has produced a lot piglets with a huge variety of color, what more could you ask for from a herd sire. $500


Te Whangi x Rona
D.O.B. 3/17/2014
Tiger is our brown and white, double wattled boar and is full of personality.  The most loveable pig on the farm he is always looking for a belly rub.

Kunekune Boars


These are our three herd sire's.  All are purebred Kunekune, double wattled, and fully registered.  They are completely unrelated to each other so their babies can be matched up for breeding pairs.




BH Tutaki/Trish x Wilsons Gina/Tonganui

D.O.B. 10/20/2014


Bear is our solid black, double wattled boar.  He brings genetics to our herd that are very new to this country and with his 0 c.o.i. he can be matched up with just about any sow. 



BH Ru/Jenny x Jenny/Mahia Love

D.O.B. 4/5/2016


Zazu is our newest breeding boar.  He is ginger and black with double wattles.  He comes from big bloodlines and strong ginger and black colors.  We are really looking forward to his babies.   $500

Sovereign Farmstead