(B/B/S) Blue Laced Red                Wyandotte

(Black/Blue/Splash) Blue Laced Red Wyandotte are a new color variety of Wyandotte that has became an instant favorite.  True (B/B/S) Blue Laced Red Wyandotte come in 3 different colors; Black (black laced red), Blue (blue laced red), and Splash (white laced red).  Some hatcheries sell BLRW that will not produce black and splash.  Blue bred to blue only produces 50% blue, then 25% splash and 25% black.  Black bred to black will be all black and white bred to white will be all white.  Blue bred to black will be 50% blue and 50% black.  Blue bred to white willl be 50% blue and 50% white.  Like all Wyandotte they are a heavy dual purpose breed that is a good layer of brown eggs.  They are very friendly and have an easy going nature.  We do not have any adults available at this time but we will be hatching chicks all year long and will have sexable stock to sell if they don't sell as chicks.



Straight run chicks $10/each

Pullets $20/each

Roosters $30/each

*Shipping is available*

Sovereign Farmstead